Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

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Cheat Engine


1. Go to Ninja Saga.
2. Open Cheat engine.
3. Scan Total Tokens do you have on CE.
4. Enter the Ninja Saga Headquarters.
5. Convert token 1 only.
6. Go out of the Headquarters.
7. Next Scan Total token after exiting the CE Headquarters.
8. 1 address returned.
9. Double click the address so it appears in the CE table.
10. Double click the address and put +4 ex:(xxxxxxE8+4)
11. Change the value to "2"
12. Check(tick) the "Frozen" box at the left side of the address.
13. In your Justu Icon, remove the last jutsu thus leaving ONE SLOT at the right most side.
14. Go to ACADEMY and learn your THIRD NINJUTSU.
15. If you are learning a Jutsu with 36 Hours training time, just wait
16. After training time, click the Jutsu Icon and there you have it, your 3rd element
17. If you want to have a 4th and 5th element, just repeat STEP 3 - STEP 16.

NOTE: All elements (level 1 - level 60) can be learned except token skills
NOTE: If you will remove your THIRD ELEMENT JUTSU, you will need to buy it again, thus i advice not to un-equip the Jutsu.

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